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Regal Noise Audio Recording and Music Production

Be it a major feature film, a television series, a commercial, a music video, a hit song in the making, or an independent feature, Regal Noise is your go to organization for the best results.

Producers and Directors ask for our mixer, Aron Siegel, CAS with over 20 years in sound for film for most of their location sound projects. Aron “brings over 14 years experience in nightclub music programming, as well as dance music production to delivering a stellar final product.



  • Black Lightning Season 3

    DC Comics' CW TV Series

    October, 2019

  • St. Agatha

    Feature Film; Octane Entertainment/Signature Entertainment

    January, 2019

  • Ambitions

    OWN TV Series produced by Will Packer Productions

    November, 2019

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